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How do you introduce social media (SM) into your business? Relationship Marketing is not new to business. Smart business managers and owners have always known that there is a long term value in fostering good customer relations.

However, for many businesses introducing these social options and services to their customers for the first time, it can be confusing and a headache for the employees who are given the responsibility.

Why You Need a Relationship Marketing Strategy With Social Media

Traditionally most businesses that had a written marketing plan and strategy, based it on outbound marketing where the costs and results were easily measured.

With SM relationship marketing over the internet, the costs and results are not as easily defined as in the past, when traditional methods were used e.g. new business resulting from a newspaper advertising campaign.

New tools and measurement methods are required.

The Role of the Social Media Contractor

Identifying and explaining the new methods of customer engagement, the tools of engagement and measurement methods in the marketing plan is the role of the contractor.

They will make it clear what direction you should take and why, because unless you are familiar with SM relationship marketing, it can be very confusing.

Developing Your SM Relationship Marketing Plan

It is important that you understand what you require from your relationship marketing plan. The following points are some that you should be looking for:

  • Have a clearly focused strategic vision statement
  • Have a clear statement of your business financial goal
  • How to perform research that involves your customers and staff in setting goals
  • Set goals and place them in priority order with a critical path
  • With each goal have an action plan
  • Set an overall budget and itemize it and relate it to the goal
  • Plan the type of media you wish to produce and the focused content
  • Pilot your plan implementation and review the results against goals
  • Publish your media
  • Measure and monitor your results
social media media business plan

How to Get Started

One of the main issues in drawing up this relationship marketing plan is deciding whether to do it yourself or to employ a professional SM consultant or contractor to do it with you.

This website guide is designed to help you find information about…

  • Where you would find a contractor or consultant for this
  • What types of services they provide
  • Information about the new relationship marketing approach to customers
  • Guides explaining what your SM relationship marketing plan should include, and why
  • How to ensure that you own the platform hub on which you build your internet presence
  • How to monitor and measure your social media engagement with your clients
  • Effective management tools
  • ... and much more.

Need answers quickly? Contact me!

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